“Nuclear Weapons Testing, Nuclear Waste Disposal, and the Politics of Risk.” Cynthia Werner am 28.09.2017 in Tübingen

Город Курчатов

Wohnsiedlung in Kurčatov, der Erschließungsstadt des Atomwaffen-Testgeländes von Semipalatinsk (heute Semei). Bildrechte: RIA Novosti, CC über Wikimedia Commons

Am 28. September 2017 spricht Prof. Dr. Cynthia Werner (Texas A&M University) in Tübingen zum Thema:

Nuclear Weapons Testing, Nuclear Waste Disposal, and the Politics of Risk

Der Vortrag findet um 14:15 an der Keplerstraße 2, Raum Nr. 1.81 statt.

Er wird von Dr. Jeanne Féaux de la Croix im Rahmen des SFB 923 “Bedrohte Ordnungen” organisiert.

Inhaltsangabe: “This talk explores Soviet nuclear legacy on human health and environment in a former Soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan’s Semipalatinsk, a.k.a. The Polygon. By drawing comparisons with low-level nuclear waste disposal in Texas, USA, the talk discusses perceptions and politics of risk concerning the consequences of nuclear radiation and highlights interactions between international and domestic politics as well as political and ecological processes. Combining insights from risk reception literature and political ecology with longterm ethnographic research, the talk offers an anthropological approach to understanding different ways nuclear testing as a potential threat is perceived, communicated and addressed.”